Actress Rejina Upreti and producer Kabita Shrestha patched up

After a 3-hours-long negotiation Nepali actress Rejina Upreti and Kabita Shrestha have agreed to some terms about the movie rights and financial transactions. The director of ‘Bardaan’ Shovit Basnet was also involved in the negotiation.

rejina upreti kabita shrestha and shovit basnet

Rejina has agreed to give Rs. 600,000 to Kabita within a year. Rejina has got overseas rights of the movie and Kabita has the rights to screen the movie in Nepal.

The relationship between Rejina and Kabita turned sour when the movie didn’t do well in theater. Kabita accused Rejina of not sharing the loss caused by the movie and she had also lodged a police complaint against Rejina.

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