Biography of Jharana Thapa, Debuting as a director in A Mero Hajur 2

Actress Jharana Thapa is a well known actress in the Nepali movie industry. Before entering the film industry Jharana had married Sunil Kumar Thapa and started writing her name Jharana Thapa. But, originally Jharana is Bajracharya.

Jharana and Sunil Kumar have a daughter name Suhani Thapa, who has already grown up.

Profile of Jharana Thapa:

  • Name – Jharana Thapa
  • Born as – Jharana Bajracharya
  • Married to – Sunil Kumar Thapa
  • Children – a grown up daughter
  • Birthday – March 28
  • Debut movie – Daijo
  • Debut movie (director) – A Mero Hajur 2
  • Profession – Actress, model, film producer and now a film director

(Jharana’s family photo)

Jharana Thapa debuted as an actress in ‘Daijo’ at the age of 17. During her birthday in 2014, she told that she is planning to become a film director. The project however got delayed a while and she finally directed the movie in 2016. But, the movie is yet to be released (at the time of this writing in March 2017).

Success secret of Jharana Thapa

This post was originally published on Aug 9, 2014

Actress Jharana Thapa is a religious actress. She worships gods everyday. She also consults astrologers before starting any new tasks. Every plans she made are usually according to the suggestion of astrologers.

jharana thapa

Jharana believes that being religious is to think positively of others, help those who need help and being positive. Although she is not fasting this Shrawan because of the death of her mother-in-law, usually she follow such tradition and she also fasts every full-moon day.

Although religious, Jharana isn’t superstitious. She doesn’t follow illogical beliefs like absurd belief that ‘cat brings bad luck if it crosses the road’.

About being happy, Jharana believes that positive thinking helps a person to be happy. She believes being positive is also the secret of her success.

jharana thapa being funny

Jharana Thapa – Shrawan month celebration

This post was originally published on Jul 26, 2014

Actress Jharana Thapa is also a religious person who enjoys the celebration of Shrawan month. Jharana loves green bangles and mehandi worn in the month. Read Jharana’s take of the month in her own words:

jharana thapa shrawan - red and green dress

May be because I am a religious person, Shrawan months is special to me. In my childhood I had seen my mother and grandmother wearing green bangles, yello beads and red / green dresses and worshiping lord Shiva. I had been impressed and attracted to wearing such things. In this month one can usually find me wearing such dresses.

I can’t fast because of gastric problem but, I don’t eat non-vegetarian dishes throughout the month. I get happiness from small things so, wearing mehandi, green dress and yellow dresses are special for me.

I think, the new generation should also be motivated to follow the tradition. I am also focusing on it.

Also read – Keki Adhikari’s view on the importance of Shrawan month.

Jharana Thapa’s Holi 2013 celebration

(This post was originally published on Mar 28, 2013 )

Nepali actress Jharana Thapa also celebrated Holi with friends in the film industry and family. Jharana was seen both in Karishma’s residence and Rekha’s place.

jharana Thapa Holi (2)

Jharana with Melina Manandhar and Mukesh Dhakal and their daughter in Karishma Manandhar‘s residence.

jharana Thapa Holi (3)

jharana Thapa Holi (6)

Jharana and other actresses with Rekha Thapa.

jharana Thapa Holi (1)

Photo credit – Jharana

Jharana Thapa moving to Rs. 20 Million house

Was originally Published on: Mar 10, 2013

An online magazine, onlinkhabar, wrote about Nepali actress Jharana Thapa moving to a new house she bought last year at a cost of Rs. 20 million. The new house is located in Bhaisepati, east of Bhaktapur.

jharana thapa in malaysia

These days Jharana lives in a house in Baneshowr with her husband Sunil Kumar Thapa and a teenage daughter. She is going to rent the house after moving in the new house. The new house is a two and a half storied bungalow.

Hot Photos of Jharana Thapa

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