Holi celebration in Karishma Manandhar home

For the last few years, actress Karishma Manandhar had been organizing holi celebration at her home. She invites every body in the film industry and the gathering is one of the biggest gatherings in the celebrity circle in Kathmandu.

Last year, Karishma was busy in the production of the movie ‘Fagu’ and had celebrated Holi in ‘Fagu’ shooting location. This year, she has continued celebrating Holi at her home. Here are some photo highlights of the various celebs enjoying the festival of colors at Karishma’s home at Godawari.

Video report and highlight:

Karishma Manandhar arranged the plates and buckets full of different colors:

karishma manandhar holi preperation

The food was also prepared at home for the guests:

Holi - karishma manandhar home1

Holi - karishma manandhar home15

Karishma and Rekha Thapa:

Holi - karishma manandhar home6

Holi - karishma manandhar home3

Chaitya Devi, Basundhara Bhusal, Rekha Thapa and Karishma Manandhar (females – from Left to right)

Holi - karishma manandhar home10

Bijaya Ratana with Melina Manandhar

Holi - karishma manandhar home13

karishma manandahr

Ex-Prime Minister and the chief of Naya Shakti, Baburam Bhattarai also visited Karishma’s home.

baburam bhattarai at karishma place

Bhuwan Chand, Basundhara Bhusal, Chaitya Devi and Rejina Upreti (?).

holi at karishma

sushma karki at karishma manandhar home for holo

Video of the location:

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