Top 5 Nepali actress (according to Karishma Manandhar)

When asked by a journalist to choose the top 5 actress in Nepali film industry, Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar has named the following actress as her top choice:

  1. Priyanka Karki
  2. Namrata Shrestha
  3. Richa Sharma
  4. Keki Adhikari
  5. Shilpa Pokharel

Why and how did she choose these actresses? Watch the following video for the explaination:

Some of the viewers have asked why Rekha Thapa is not in the list. Karishma had told that she has selected only the new actresses and she didn’t consider old actresses.

Which actress do you think should have been in the list and which shouldn’t have been? Please comment:

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