Diary of Nisha Adhikari short hair

Last updated on November 27th, 2015 at 07:03 pm

Actress Nisha Adhikari‘s US tour and cutting her hair short, both were sudden and surprising.

A lot of speculations were made on her sudden departure on June 13, 2015 towards USA. As if, that wasn’t enough of the surprise, Nisha cut her hair short and shared it in her Facebook profile. That was after 10 days of living in the USA. She told that she was donating her hair for the kids with cancer.

A few days later, Nisha shaved the hair completely. Nisha shared her bald photo on July 2.

Now, after more than a month and a half, Nisha’s hair is growing and it seems, she is not shaving it again, we have decided to prepare a diary of her short hair, starting her departure to the USA. The credit of the photos goes to Nisha.

Let’s start the photo diary with the latest photo on the top:

Update on November 27, 2015: Now, Nisha’s hair has grown long enough to seem like a new boy’s style haircut rather than hair growth on a shaved head.

nisha adhikari short hair November 27, 2015

Update on October 7, 2015: 29-years-old Nisha Adhikari smiling after climbing and returning from Kilimanjaro Peak in Tanzania. Nisha turned 29 on her way to the peak (on October 4).

nisha-adhikari-in tanzania october 7

On September 27, after Nisha announced her plan to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro:
Nisha Adhikari - press meet in Kathmandu

Update on September 24, 2015

On September 23, Nisha has returned back to Nepal (xnepali report).

On September 23, with her brother at the airport. The hair seem to have grown a lot:

A September 22 photo – a day before she left USA with the cat:

nisha adhikari sept 22, 2015

A September 20 photo:

nisha adhikari hair growning

Nisha watched the movie ‘Everest’ probably on September 20. Nisha’s comment: “On  an experience, way beyond any words…one day I will discover mine and I already know those words won’t suffice. Experiencing the movie surely gave me a direction. The imax experience was mind blowing! Proud of the Sherpas and Bijay Lama dai.”

nisha adhikari watches Everest movie.

Update on September 8, 2015

Nisha shared the photo of hers with designer Suvexya Bhadel. She also shared her experience of shaving her head. Unlike her expectation, the length of the hair growth on her head is not consistent. She has started using comb these days.

nisha adhikari hair update september 8

Update on September 1

Update on August 21, Texas, USA:

nisha adhikari august 21

UPDATE (August 17 photo of Nisha Adhikari, Texas, USA)

nisha adhikari short hair on August 17

The original photo diary continues:

Nisha adhikari Aug 14 2

Nisha Adhikari’s no hair, no makeup pose: Photo on August 14

Nisha adhikari Aug 8

Nisha Adhikari in a gym, Photo taken on August 8, 2015.

Nisha adhikari Aug 7

Nisha Adhikari with a cat: photo on August 7, 2015

Nisha adhikari Aug 2

Nisha Adhikari with the lucky cat: photo on August 2, 2015

nisha adhikari august 1

Nisha Adhikari with Arjoon KC: Photo on August 1, 2015

Nisha adhikari july 29 outdoor

Nisha Adhikari enjoys the summer sun: photo on July 29, 2015

Nisha adhikari july 28

Nisha Adhikari takes a selfie: photo on July 28

Nisha adhikari july 25

Nisha Adhikari selfie time: photo on July 25, 2015

nisha adhikari july 14

Nisha Adhikari workout session: photo on July 14, 2015 (Read what Nisha says about her short hair.)

Nisha adhikari July 8

Nisha Adhikari with The Baboon: photo on July 8

Nisha adhikari July 6

Nisha Adhikari shows her new bald head: photo on July 6


Nisha shows-off the new bold and bald avatar : photo probably on July 2 (We wrote about it then)

Nisha adhikari June 23

The first short hair. Nisha showed off her hair on June 23 (That was a surprise)

Nisha adhikari June 16

In the June 16, 2015 photo of Nisha Adhikari flaunts long hair.

Nisha adhikari June 13

A June 13 photo, Nisha Adhikari with her friend on her way to the USA. (we also wrote about her flight to the USA)

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