Priyanka Karki fund raising dance in UK raised Rs. 500 K

Actress Priyanka Karki raised Rs. 500,000 for earthquake victims in her UK tour. In a Facebook post, Priyanka shared the photos of her dancing on stage on ‘Gairi Khet …’ song. In the comment she wrote, "Although I was smiling, it was the most unhappy dance in my life."

priyanka karki fund raising in uk

After the dance performance, she they went around collecting the funds for relief efforts. With the money she and her team collected, she is planning to bring happiness to a few houses.

Priyanka Karki, singer Anju Pant and singer Shiva Pariyar had a pre-planned event in scheduled in UK before earthquake. They later converted the fun event to earthquake relief fund-collection event.

Before heading to the UK, Priyanka was actively volunteering to help earthquake victims.

priyanka karki ghairi khetko dance

priyanka karki charity

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