Priyanka Karki talks dogs and shares hot photos

In a long Facebook post actress Priyanka Karki has talked in length about the social responsibility of celebrity and her love for her dog Snowy.

On April 4, 2015 a ‘Dog Friendly Meet’ was organized – a first time in Nepali event. In the event Priyanka Karki and Malvika Subba took their dogs to the meet and enjoy the company of dogs.

priyanka karki dog friendly meet

In a few days earlier post, Priyanka had compared dogs with people and wished people were like dogs – reliable, selfless and lovable.

priyanka karki dog

And then came a lengthy speech on her love of Snowy, her little dog.

priyanka karki talks dog and social responsibility

If dog talks are too much for you, there are some hot poses of Priyanka that you can die for.

priyanka karki hot pose

priyanka karki in doha beach

Now tell us which of the clips or photos above you enjoyed the most !

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