Rekha Thapa betrays Remix Dhamaka 5 organizers

Nepali Actress Rekha Thapa has betrayed the organizer of Remix Dhamaka 5 cultural program Malaysia. Although she had planned to visit Malaysia from USA and return back to the USA again, at the last hours she has told that she won’t make it. Rekha was the main attraction of the event and the poster has a big photo of Rekha. But, when she canceled the visit, the organizers are in a big stress. They had already paid Rs. 50,000 as an advance to the actress. In a press release by the organizers, they are planning to request Jharana Thapa and Dinesh DC in place of Rekha Thapa in the event.

remix dhamaka poster

Rekha’s change in plan is considered unprofessional and irresponsible.

Rekha had gone to the USA on January 23. In the US, Rekha Thapa is preparing for the ‘Namaste America 2’ and will also be shooting for the movie ‘A for America’.

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