2069 year in review- Controversies of Rekha Thapa

Actress Rekha Thapa is the top actress in Nepali film industry and we had ranked first in the most talked about actress in the year 2069. Rekha was also awarded the Controversy Queen of 2069 by xnepali.


Here are the controversies of Rekha Thapa:

  • Divorce rumors and actual divorce with Chhabi was the most talked about topic at the start of 2069. Although they both had admitted the divorce, they tried to convey that they are still together by sharing photos together and doing ‘Hamesha’ together.
  • Rekha’s discussion with a young astrologer about her political future was also controversial.
  • Rekha meets Prachanda other leaders in a bid to get appointed as the head of Film Development Board. But, the effort wasn’t successful.
  • Rekha’s cancellation of Malaysia trip at the last minute was also very controversial.
  • After a month-long US tour, she told that Nepali in the US are in a very bad condition and she also told about meeting a homeless Nepali.
  • After much protest on the statement, Rekha had to clarify her statement.
  • Rekha smoking marijuana with FDB head ‘Pappu’ was also controversial.
  • Rekha and Pappu’s nearness was seen in Dolkha where they were seen together in the temple.
  • Rekha and Pappu were also seen together in Holi. Rekha was also appointed an advisor of FDB.
  • Rekha’s support to actress Sumina Ghimire in the phone scandal was also talked a bit.

This post is a part of "2069 year in review – 6 Most talked about actresses". Rekha was ranked in No. 1 in the most talked about actresses in the year 2069.

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