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Nepali Actress Rekha Thapa  is the top actress of Nepali movie industry for the last few years. She is also a producer and owner of Rekha Films Pvt. Ltd. Her husband Chhabi Raj Ojha runs the production business. When their relationship was in trouble in 2012 Chhabi registered Chhabi Raj Films and produced ‘Hamesha’. Later, both the banners Rekha Films and Chhabi Raj Films were mentioned as the banners of the movie.

rekha in tori bari

Rekha debuted in Nepali movie industry in ‘Hero’, a movie released in 2000. Rekha had acted in more than 100 movies and many of them were successful. Rekha prefers to act in female oriented movies and is known to take risk. Rekha is also known to be frank and tough. She is also known for problems with her co-workers and journalists. She made news when she slapped a journalist in 2012.

In a press meet in her first US visit, Rekha defended why she couldn’t get higher education and had to drop-out in +2. She told that acting and being part of movie industry and being the top actress is in itself an education.


Actress Profile

  • Name – Rekha Thapa
  • Birthday – Bhadra 5th (around August 21)
  • Birthplace –  Morang
  • Height –  5’3″
  • Education – +2 (final not attempted)
  • Home address – Mitra Park, Kathmandu
  • Martial status – Single (2013 update)
  • Favorite Place : Pokhara
  • Favorite Food : Pizza

What is the age Rekha Thapa?

Like other actresses, Rekha Thapa also doesn’t tell her exact age. In the 2015 birthday, she told she was 32 years old. But, in my analysis she is at least 34 years old as of 2015. That was because, she had stated that she was 18 years old in the application of Miss Nepal 1999 beauty contest. Considering the age to be true, she should have been born in the August of 1981.


Films produced by Rekha Films

  • Ajambari Nata
  • Himmat
  • Hifajat
  • Andaaz
  • Kasle Choryo Mero Man
  • Kismat
  • Rawan
  • Hamesha
  • Kali
  • Himmatwali
  • Rampyari

Rekha Thapa is the Winner of Miss Koshi beauty contest. She also participated in Miss Nepal in

Films of Rekha Thapa

(We will update this list of 100 films later)

Hot Photos of Rekha Thapa





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UPDATE on Jul 17, 2013 @ 15:52

Kali can make or break actress Rekha Thapa

With her upcoming movie, ‘Kali’ the top actress of Nepali film industry, Rekha Thapa has a lot of stuffs at stake. She has recently joined CPN Maoist in hope to get active in politics. Failure of the first movie as a sole producer would not be a welcoming thing in her political career.

Rekha thapa kali mehandi

In addition to delivering the best movie, she also has to compete with her ex-husband, Chhabi Raj Ojha, who had established her banner – Rekha Films. Rekha has announced to release ‘Kali’ on the same day as the release date of Chhabi’s ‘Loafer’. The movie is the first movie of Chhabi, in more than a decade, in which Rekha is not one of the actresses.

These are only a few things that can make or break Rekha Thapa in her career. That is why, she has taken it more seriously and has done everything she can do to make it a success. The huge puja and a fake marriage shows the amount of insecurity she is feeling right now.

Although most of the people knowing Chhabi Ojha and Rekha Thapa say that Rekha is no match to Chhabi, she was the one who lived with Chhabi for 10 years. She knows what is best for he and it would be an exciting time when two movies are released in theater.

Our best wishes to both Rekha and Chhabi!
rekha thapa short skirt
Photo credit – Rekha Thapa

UPDATE on Aug 30, 2013 @ 12:37
[h2]Trailer of Rekha’s Kali released[/h2]

The first film made by Rekha Thapa without the help of Chhabi in Rekha Films banner is all set to release on Dashain festival. Although she made the movie alone, Chhabi has entered into the scene as an Executive Producer to promote and release the movie.

rekha thapa in kali

Rekha has recently released the first trailer of the movie. In the trailer Rekha is featured as a police officer and in action role. The movie is directed by Shabir Shrestha. One of the songs of the movie, Slowly Slowly, was released earlier and it was liked by the audience.

Trailer video is attached:

UPDATE on Sep 7, 2013 @ 09:22

Rekha Thapa unveiled adult novel ‘Droupati’

In a program held in Kathmandu the second novel of the controversial writer Rajendra Thapa was unveiled. Actress Rekha Thapa unveiled the novel titled ‘Droupati’.

rajendra thapa and rekha thapa

Rajendra Thapa’s first novel ‘Khelauna’ was of adult nature written on the story of the out-spoken model Smita Thapa, who claim to use male as a toy.

While talking in the event, the writer Rajendra Thapa told that the novel has a symbolic meaning. The ancient figure Droupati is known as the wife of five brothers – Pandavas. Rajendra also told that he has got numerous offers to make movies on the story of his previous novel ‘Khelauna’. He told that the movie based on the story will be announced soon.


UPDATE – April 4, 2016 – What is the age of Rekha Thapa section added, latest movies produced by Rekha Thapa updated.

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  1. Actress like this makes me ashame.She has no class and self respect.Showing off skin and vulgar attitude is where I cant stand her.No academic education dont know how to behave in public places and top of that she is so absurd,She tries to speak english with struggling pronunciation.Girl if u dont know how to speak in english please shut pie hole and have ur conversation in Nepali.

  2. Rekha jee…

    It would have been better for u to increase your academic level because celebrites should have to have both good academic background and professionalism. Even in politics, academic strenght is necessary. how can you dream to become a PM without even knowing how to speak english and skill to handle international affair as a perspective Priminister of NEPAL.

  3. focus on your vision as film personnel and attract positive attitudes in life. Your marriage to Chabi was more to do with you establishing as an actor and producer and probably earn money. you have to exhibit your success on your individual capacity and become a role model for rest of the nepali folks. Take care and all the best

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