Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah Biography, Royal family actress

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UPDATE (August 2016): The movie ‘Dreams’ became hit movie. Samragyee RL Shah won the Best Newcomer Actress Award at the FAAN 2016 award. Samragyee’s Royal blood is confirmed. I have added a video report on her childhood and other information. I have also added a couple of photos about her family and her childhood.
Actor and producer Bhuwan KC is debuting as a director in his upcoming home production movie ‘Dreams’ with his son Anmol KC in the leading roles. To feature opposite to Anmol, Bhuwan has chosen a new entry in the film industry, Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah.

anmol and samragi rajya laxmi shah

5 Facts about Samragyee RL Shah, including royal blood, childhood and other information:

Another actress chosen to feature in the movie is Sandhya KC. We had written about Sandhya KC in our earlier post. In a latest report, Anmol will be featured opposite to Samragyee instead of Sandhya.

The movie ‘Dreams’ made on a love story is written by Samipya Raj Timilsina. The shooting of the movie is expected to start anytime soon.

Samragyee was the second runner up at the Face of Classic Diamond jewelers fashion competition held on November 18, 2014 (read more details about the contest in

Samragyee’s profile

  • Name – Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah
  • Name – Priyanka Shah
  • Date of Birth – Novmeber 18
  • Birthplace – Birgunj
  • Education Currently in Bachelor’s degree
  • Notable achievements – 2nd Runner up of Face of Classic Diamond Jewelers 2014

Education: Samragyee RL Shah studied from Grade 1 to Grade 3 in St. Xavier school in Birgunj. In grade 4 she went to New Delhi to study in a Sai Baba school. After completing Grade 6, she went to Kathamandu to study in Royal Academy of India, Kathmandu. She completed her schooling and did her plus two in the same school.

Royal Connection : Samragyee RL Shaha’s grand father, Pashupati Bikram Shah has confirmed their royal descent. He told that king Surendra Bir Bikram Shah (Surendra was the sixth descent of Prithivi Narayan Shah). Samragyee’s ancestor Narendra Bikram Shah was the youngest of the two sons of Surendra Bir Bikram Shah. Narendra’s son Indra Bikram Shah’s cousin Prithivi Bir Bikram Shaha was crowned king after the death of Surendra in 1881. At the time of crowning Prithivi Bir Bikram was 7 years old. After Prithivi Bir Bikram Shaha, his son Tribhubhan Bir Bikram Shah was the king of Nepal. Tribhuwan is credited fro removing Rana rule in Nepal. Tribhuwan’s son Mahendra is the father of the now-dethronned ex-king Gyanendra Shah and murdered king Birendra Shah.


Samragyee explains herself as, “I am honest, emotional person. I am happiest when I dance, enjoy good music, good food, and when I am with my loved ones.”

Samragyee Filmography

The first two films of Samragyee were hit. In ‘Mangalam’ she was in a guest role. ‘Timi Sanga’ and ‘Kayara’ were not successful.

  • Dreams (2016)
  • A Mero Hajur 2 (2017)
  • Timi Sanga (2017)
  • Mangalam (2017)
  • Kayara (2018)
  • Intu Mintu Londonma (2018)

Samragyee RL Shah parents

Samragyee RL Shah with her mother Neha RL Shah:

samragyee rl shah and mom neha rl shah

Samragyee’s parents Bikash Bikram Shah and Neha RL Shah (The photo was taken 22 years ago – in around 1992):

Samragyee parents Bikash bikram shah and Neha rl shah 2

Dashain 2016 – with her parents and her brother:


Samragyee RL Shah childhood photo (undated):

samragyee rl shah childhood photo

Photo credit – Neha RL Shah.

Hot Photos of Samragyee

samragyee rl shah (10)

samragyee rl shah (4)

samragyee rl shah (6)

samragyee rl shah (5)

samragyee rl shah (9)

samragyee rl shah (3)

Samragyee’s hot cleavage pose:


Video News about ‘Timi Sanga’ – 3rd movie of Samragyee:


  • Video on 5 facts about Samragyee is added. Education is added and information about her royal connection is also updated. (August, 2016)
  • November 5, 2016 – Dashain photo of Samragyee with her brother and parents added. Video news about Smaragyee’s third movie ‘Timi Sanga’ added.
  • September 15, 2018 – Filmography added

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