Suhana Thapa Biography – Anmol KC actress in A Mero Hajur 3 by Jharana Thapa

Biography of Suhana Thapa – 2019 UPDATE

As the time of the release of the movie ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ nears, the popularity of Suhana has soared a lot. The trailer of the movie set new record in YouTube. So did the songs of the movie. The songs and the trailer and her interviews have also been very popular among Nepali viewers. Suhana’s pairing with Anmol KC has been liked by the fans of Anmol KC too.

It seems, the celebrity daughter is a horse of long race.

A report on how the trailer of the film became successful despite the initial glitch.

Another report on the rate of Nepali artists while they are being featured opposite to celebrity children:

Original biography continues.
A new high profile actress is entering in the Nepali film industry – the daughter of actress Jharana Thapa, in her next directorial venture – the third sequel of ‘A Mero Hajur’. Jharana will direct Sushana to be featured opposite to Anmol KC. According to reports, Anmol is signed in for a whooping Rs. 3 million, a new record in the Nepali film industry.

Sushana Thapa Profile

  • Name – Sushana Thapa
  • Mother – Jharana Thapa, actress and director
  • Father – Sunil Kumar Thapa, film producer
  • Date of birth – May 8, 1996 (21 years as of 2018)
  • Place of birth – Kathmandu
  • Education – Bachelors Degree student (USA)

Star daughter Suhana

When Suhana was born, Jharana was one of the top actress in the Nepali film industry. Her father was one of the leading producers of Nepali films. So, she grew up in film environment. She has seen Jharana’s stardom since her childhood and it is no surprise that she wanted a part of that. She wanted to be a star like Jharana.

Actress Jharana has seen a lot of star children fail to make impression in the film industry. The industry is ruthless in accepting new artists. She waited for a safe project to introduce her daughter in the film industry. She has also made huge investment in her debut film. Jharana chose to introduce Suhana in ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ for at least the following three reasons:

  • The film is a successful franchise. The first one featuring the mother Jharana in leading role was a successful film. The sequel, ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ was also successful film. It featured Samragyee RL Shah in leading role and Jharana was the director.
  • The movie is her home production made under the banner named after Suhana.
  • Jharan has invested heavily on the actor – Anmol KC. All the films of Anmol KC have been successful in the past. So, he is a safe bet. That was the reason she agreed to pay Rs. 30 lakh for his role. That was Rs. 20 Lakh less than Anmol’s initial demand.

Childhood photos of Sushana Thapa:

Suhana with her parents – mom Jharana and father Sunil Kumar Thapa

Hot photos of Suhana Thapa

Photo credits – Suhana Thapa

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