Surabina Karki, Biography of a hot model and actress

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Actress Surabina Karki debuted in Nepali movie industry in ‘Jheli’. Her role in the movie was appreciated and was also nominated in Box Office Film Award 2070 in New Actress category.

Selfie video of Surabina:

The following photo of Surbina was taken in Dashain 2014 wearing the tika:

surabina karki dashain tika

In addition to acting in movies, Surabina has also acted in numerous music videos and advertisements. She was a well established music video model before jumping into acting.

Surabina is originally from Sinduli and is currently living in Kathmandu. She had studied in Bhagwati Higher Secondary School in Sindhuli and is continuing her education in Everest Florida higher Secondary school in Kathmandu.

Surabina Karki profile

  • Name – Surabina Karki
  • Date of Birth – October 15
  • Birthplace – Sindhuli
  • Debut movie – Jhelee

UPDATE (on October 15, 2015): Surabina has told that the 2015 birthday is her 22nd birthday.

UPDATE – April 2017 – Surabina got an acting training from Anupam Kher Training institute in Mumbai. After four months long training starting in January 2017, Surabina has told that she feels matured actress and is willing to do any type of acting. The School of Actors is a well known acting school in Mumbai that trains the aspiring actors about the skills and technical know how of the film industry.


  • Jhelee
  • Kartik
  • Naikee
  • Sushree
  • Lukamari (2016)

Hot photos of Surabina Karki

surabina karki sexy pose

surabina karki sexy one piece

surabina karki photos (6)

surabina karki shooting

surabina karki photos (12)

surabina karki photos (1)

surabina karki photos (2)

Surabina’s third movie, ‘Naikee’

surabina karki photos (8)

surabina karki photos (1)

Surabina’s Dashain Tika (Dashain 2014)

surabina karki photos (7)


– October 15, 2015 – 22nd birthday celebration
– April 25, 2017 – Acting training from Mumbai update, ‘Lukamari’ added in filmography.

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