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Reema says that being an actress and being beautiful are totally two different things. Reema’s suggestion to new actresses – “If you want to be an actress because you are beautiful, don’t try it.” She believes acting skill is the first thing one needs to be an actress.

Entertainment Career

Reema debuted in entertainment industry by modeling in a music video titled ‘Jindagima Saath..’ So far she has been featured in about 300 music videos. In big screen movies, Rema debuted in ‘Swor’ and had worked in movies like Visa Girl (watch Visa Girl here), Ritu, Bhale Fight, Six Feet Life, and Scape. Currently Reema is preparing for her role in ‘Bato Muni Ko Phool 2’. Reema had also worked as a child VJ in a Nepal TV program ‘Janda Jandai’ in around 2054BS. She continued her journalist career and still is an active VJ. 23 years old Reema was born in Bardiya. Taking her journalism career seriously, Reema is currently in the 3rd year of Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism.


UPDATE – 2017, December – Divorce

Reema married Robert Bishowkarma, a UK resident NRN, on September 27, 2015 in an event held in Kathmandu. After marriage Reema has been going to and from UK. Reema and Robert canceled their honeymoon and donated the money.

Reema believes love is one of the best experience one can get in life. She believes marriage is a continuation of love and commitment.

*** January 18, 2013 ***
Reema Bishwokarma or Reema BK is another new actress with potential in the Nepali movie industry. The beautiful actress is quite popular in music video and she debuted in ‘Swor’ as an actress. Her peers tell that Reema is simple, down-to-earth girl with an optimistic attitude towards life.

Before starting acting, she had worked as a VJ for Nepal Television and a news caster for National TV.

reema - stree program

Reema is the host of Nepal Idol reality show for both the Edition 1 in 2017 and Edition 2 in 2018.

Reema Bishowkarma Profile

  • Name – Reema Bishowkarma
  • Birthday – August 5
  • Hometown – Gulariya
  • Nickname- Bebo, kanchhu, putali, rems and more.
  • Marriage – September 27, 2016
  • Spouse – Robert Bishowkarma (Rob BK)
  • Height– 5’3 “
  • Profession- Journalist/actress.
  • No Of Music Videos Till Date- More than 25

Reema defines stuffs in one sentence:

  • Love- A passionate desire to be with someone you like.
  • Sex- A part of life.
  • Money- A powerful magnet.
  • Career- An opportunity to polish yourself.
  • Friends- Without whom life is meaningless.
  • Enemies- Someone who helps to discover the best out of you and makes you more creative.
  • Fashion- Beautifying yourself with comfort and intelligence.
  • Facebook- An addiction.
  • Strength- Self-confidence.
  • Weakness– Very possessive about people I love
  • Fetish- Sunglasses and shoes.


  • Proudest Moment- When I signed my first movie.
  • First Crush- I don’t remember at all.
  • First Music Video- Jindagibhar Saath Dinchhu Bhannele by Chris KC.
  • Favorite Quote- Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, learn as if you are going to live forever.
  • First Kiss- Uhmmm……..
  • Biggest Splurge- Nothing so far.
  • Favorite Shopping Spot- Nowhere specific.
  • Dream Holiday Getaway- Paris
  • Your Fashion Icon- Sarah Jessica Parker, Sonam Kapoor and Malvika Subba.
  • Favorite Brand- L’Oreal.
  • Favorite Sports- Not much of a sports person but I like watching football match.
  • Favorite Perfume- L’Oreal.
  • Magazines That You Flip Through- Navyaata,VOW, Nari and Wave.
  • Your favorite Actor/Actress- .Rajesh Hamal, Aryan Sigdel and Tripti Nadkar.
  • Question Answer-
  • One thing that you don’t have but wish you did?
    I believe I am lucky because I always get what I want sooner or later.
  • Tells us about your experience while working for the movie Swor-
    It was more like a vacation for me but it also helped me to learn more about life and relationships . It also gave me an opportunity to grow as an actor.
  • Music to you is- A promised companion for life.
  • One thing that you like the most about yourself- Simplicity.
  • The most favorite part of your life is- My childhood which was filled with priceless memories.


  • Swor (2011)
  • Visa Girl (2012)
  • Six Feet Life
  • Ritu (2014)
  • Bhale Fight (2015)
  • Escape (2015)
  • Bato Muniko Phool 2 (2016)
  • Rahadhani

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Photo credit – Reema’s Facebook
Reference – Navyaata magazine and various online sources.

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