Success secret of Jharana Thapa

Actress Jharana Thapa is a religious person. She worships gods everyday. She also consults astrologers before starting any new tasks. Every plans she made are usually according to the suggestion of astrologers.


jharana thapa

Jharana believes that being religious is to think positively of others, help those who need help and being positive. Although she is not fasting this Shrawan because of the death of her mother-in-law, usually she follow such tradition and she also fasts every full-moon day.

Although religious, Jharana isn’t superstitious. She doesn’t follow illogical beliefs like absurd belief that ‘cat brings bad luck if it crosses the road’.


About being happy, Jharana believes that positive thinking helps a person to be happy. She believes being positive is also the secret of her success.

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